Who qualifies for the quarter finals crossfit?

Join WODwell to add this WOD to your collections. The last chance qualifier is for individual athletes who finished within the 3 places of a qualifying position for the Crossfit Games. The advantage of competing in the quarterfinals and in the online age-group qualifier is an additional avenue to qualify for the CrossFit Games in July. The individual quarterfinals are an online competition in which athletes will compete for the opportunity to advance to the semifinals.

Individual men and women who are in the top 10% of each continent and the top 25% of the total teams per continent (with a minimum of at least 50 teams from each continent) are eligible to participate in the quarterfinals. For example, an Asian woman who finished 418th on that continent is eligible to participate in the quarterfinals. CrossFit has announced what position on the CrossFit Open leaderboard an individual athlete must be in order to qualify for the quarterfinals. Individual athletes must compete in a series of events over the weekend, the exact number of which will be released before the start of the last-chance qualification.

After the quarterfinals, the best athletes from all divisions will advance to the semifinals, some will move to the last-chance standings and, ultimately, the best will face off at the CrossFit Games. Once the quarterfinal standings have been completed, the best teams from each region will be invited to compete in one of ten semifinal competitions that will be held around the world. The best athletes and individual teams from each continent and the best athletes from each age group will be eligible to advance to the quarterfinals, where they will complete a series of events over a weekend, from Thursday to Sunday. As explained in the invitation emails sent by CrossFit, “Once the competition starts, the two men and two women who start the competition will be part of the team for the entire quarterfinals.

Athletes competing in the quarterfinals will be required to compete in a series of advanced training sessions over the course of a weekend. Of all the athletes who choose to participate in the quarterfinals, a total of 300 athletes from around the world will advance to the semifinals. The individual quarterfinal competition sparked its fair share of discussions in the CrossFit online community. The best 10% from each continent were allowed to move on to the next stage: the Crossfit quarterfinals.