Who won crossfit games 2020?

The GOAT Crossfit has just won its fourth consecutive championship. BOXROX and its contents are not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc in any way nor are they endorsed by CrossFit, Inc or any of its subsidiaries. In the 20 years since its founding, CrossFit has gone from being a garage gym in Santa Cruz, California, to becoming the best-known fitness brand in the world. With this victory, Fraser has surpassed Rich Froning as the most winning CrossFit Games champion with five victories.

Over the course of two days, CrossFit Games athletes will hold seven events that are divided into four blocks. CrossFit is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, and millions of people have already experienced the transformative benefits of CrossFit through workouts at more than 14,000 affiliated gyms in 158 countries. Even if you're not close to doing a barbell start (let alone three consecutive outbursts at your maximum of one repetition), you can start with this CrossFit workout for beginners that only requires a kettlebell or this other CrossFit workout at home that you can do anywhere. Dave Castro has said that this will be the most difficult event of all CrossFit games and it is very, very difficult.

Many consider Fraser's loss in CrossFit Total to be due to a weight miscalculation, but he lost this fair and square. The mix of Murph and Mary, both training sessions that have appeared in previous CrossFit Games, “Atalanta is the longest final event in the history of the Games. CrossFit HQ originally reported Kara Saunders as the winner of the event; it was later clarified that Awful Annie finished second behind Toomey. Not only did Pearce finish training ahead of all athletes, but he secured his first place on the CrossFit Games podium with his victory.

Games rookie Justin Medeiros impressively dragged Fraser by just eight seconds, asserting himself as a serious contender from the start. In fact, he beat Fraser in the first Swim 'N' Stuff event and went four tenths of a second from doing it again in the 11th Games Final event.